The first electronic store specialized for the sale of air conditioning

About Us

Alwan Alyamamah Trading Company is one of the Amanco groups operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia companies, And spread its business in a variety of sectors, and based in the capital, Riyadh (DIFC). And spread its branches in both: the western region and the eastern, northern and southern.

Alwan Alyamamah is the exclusive agent and main distributor in Saudi Arabia for products AKAI Japanese, one of the famous brands in the field of home appliances and air conditioning electronics. And it succeeded Alwan Alyamamah over the past years in the promotion and dissemination of their own brands (Rollc - Genzral - May Tech) in the Saudi market, which aims to see efforts to provide people, Saudi and reside on the land of the Kingdom of products and services at the highest level of quality. To achieve the objectives Growth, Alwan Alyamamah Trading Company of the company continued to expand its authorized distributors and major network in the sub all regions and provinces and governorates of the Kingdom centers.

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